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Warning - N-Power, Unilever and Talk Talk Survey forms:

Many companies, including those mentioned above are sponsoring a major survey that is being sent out by TNT. They request that you fill in the questionnaire, and leave it on your doorstep in an unsealed bag for collection the following day.
The questionnaire is five pages long and asks one hundred and eighty six questions about your personal circumstances.
Anyone approached to fill in one of these should think twice about leaving this amount of personal information on their doorstep. Anyone can pick the bag up, opening the way to identity theft
Please think carefully before giving out any personal information.

Warning - Computer and Internet problems Scam:

We would like to advise you of a recent scam that has been targeting computer owners.
You may receive a telephone call purporting to come from Microsoft, A computer Virus repair company or even a local computer repair company. The opening line is that they have detetect problems with your computer or internet connection, and they offer to fix it. They then will try and get you to look at or download the "Repair Program" from their websit. DO NOT DO THIS as it will give them control of your computer.
Should you do this, they can take over your computer completely, see your online banking details and destroy any or all of your files.
They will then attempt to charge you for this "Repair" and if you do not pay, they will threaten to destroy all files on your computer, and they have been known to do this.
You are advised to never deal with anyone over the phone until you have confirmed that they are legitimate, however plausible they may seem.

St. Johns Ambulance fundraisers :

From Duncan Yandell - Neighbourhood Watch cordinator

Please be aware that St John Ambulance and their representatives will be fundraising in your area over the next few weeks.
They will carry ID and their clothing will bear the St John Ambulance logo. They are not permitted to accept cash or cheques, so will be asking people to sign up to make regular direct debit contributions.
If you are not expecting callers, Dorset Police advise you not to open the door until you have verified their identity. This can be done by calling the number in the telephone directory, never use a number supplied by any caller. If in doubt do not open the door, but telephone a neighbour or friend to come over and check out the caller.
If alone when someone calls unexpectedly ask them to call back later when you can arrange for someone to be with you.
We also advise you never give bank details to anyone unless absolutely sure of their legitimacy. Never reveal your pin number to anyone, not even relatives or friends, this is for your eyes only.
Anyone with concerns regarding St John Ambulance fundraisers should contact Judith Simpson or Alison Glenn at St John Ambulance on 01305 751 167

Warning: SuspiciousTelephone calls:

In the past few days Dorset Police have received a large numbers of calls from members of the public across the County advising them of suspicious telephone calls they have received. The callers have been asking occupants questions about their home security and what type of property they live in. A large number of them have also been asked for their age and on some occasions they have been asked for bank details and offered alarm systems for sale. The callers appear to be targeting elderly residents.

Please do not give out personal details to callers over the phone.
Do not accept offers of alarm fitting over the phone.
If you wish to purchase an alarm, wherever possible seek personal recommendations. Some companies operate high pressure selling tactics so do not be bullied into allowing them to visit you at home. If you would like security advice please contact your local Safer Neighbourhood team.

Warning - Business Advertising Scam:

We would like to advise you of a recent scam that has been targeting business owners by offering them advertising space in fictitious Home watch, charity or emergency services brochures. Consumer Direct have confirmed this is an on-going scam.
The Neighbourhood and Home Watch Network wish to make clear they do not produce local brochures or contract with other companies to do so. Please be aware that this is just one example of the many tricks that scammers try. You are advised to never deal with anyone over the phone until you have confirmed that they are legitimate, however plausible they may seem.

Anyone wishing to prevent unsolicited calls may register with the Telephone Preference Service on 0845 070 0707. If you have received a call of a similar nature it should be reported to Consumer Direct on 08454 040506, and not Dorset Police.

Warning - Burglaries on the rise due to Summer Weather:

Burglaries have again risen with the recent warmer weather. The majority have been as a result of insecure windows and doors. Some offences occcurred while the occupents were asleep at night, and others while the occupents were nearby in the garden.
Please remind friends and neighbours to secure doors and windows, even when they are in and around their homes.
We also advise you to store gardening tools in a locked shed or garage, rather than leaving them available to thieves, and we advise against leaving keys to locks on the inside of property doors as they can be used to gain entry.
As always, if you see anything suspicious, please contact dorset police on 222 222, or call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111

Warning - Thefts from Commercial Vehicles :

There has recently been an increase in thefts from commercial vehicles across the Poole area. Vans are being targeted during the weekend as well as on weekdays. The offences have occurred during the day as well as overnight. The offenders appear to be targeting power tools. Entry has been gained to insecure vehicles and others have had their locks drilled, forced or windows smashed. Please advise friends and neighbours who may routinely store valuable equipment inside their vehicles that these should be removed and secured elsewhere. Please report any suspicious persons you see. Anyone with information is asked to contact Dorset Police on 222 222 or Crime Stoppers on 0800 555 111. Thank you.


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